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Eurolanche book available for presale

Eurolanche book available for presaleThe more than 200-page long book provides a unique look on how the Eurolanche Fan Club works, as well as previously unpublished stories about the Avalanche.

The Eurolanche Fan Club will publish a book detailing its first 10 years of existence in November. The book is written by David Puchovsky, the Founder and President of the Fan Club. It will be available in both Slovak and English. The book was translated by editor and longtime Fan Club member Michal Hezely. The cover was designed by Eurolanche member and Eurolanche Invasion VIII participant Jakub Kantor from Kantor Graphics.


The book is currently being prepared for printing in a limited amount of copies. You can already preoder your copy at Eurolanche’s new website The preorder is nonbinding. All you need to do is fill in your e-mail address in the contact form and you will receive more information via e-mail. You can also download a 12-page preview of the book at the aforementioned website. The price of the printed edition of the book will be between 9.99 and 11.99 euro.




The book is meant for all hockey fans. On more than 200 pages, readers will have the opportunity to not only learn more about the nine organized trips to the US trips and the 56 attended NHL games as part of the Eurolanche Invasion project, but about other Eurolanche events as well. Readers will find a number of previously unpublished stories, dozens of stories about the Colorado Avalanche and various other NHL team, and a lot of unique information about the best hockey league in the world. The book also describes what it’s like to be a European NHL fan from the 90’s until now. Moreover, the book contains stories of several Eurolanche members from all around the world.


Preorder your copy today at (The preorder is nonbinding)


David Puchovsky is the author of Kidnapped (2015, originally titled Unesené), in which he describes his previous work as a journalist, when he managed to find three kidnapped Slovak kids in Hungary and Panama. More information about the book is available in English at, Worldwide,
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NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."