8th edition of the Eurolanche League ended
27.05.2018 18:00 - The 8th edition of Eurolanche’s popular betting contest is in the books.
Eurolanche Invasion X: Big recap
25.05.2018 19:00 - Marek Korber from Czech Republic traveled to the US for the first time with Eurolanche and wrote the following recap about the Eurolanche Invasion X.
Eurolanche Invasion X: More videos
25.05.2018 16:00 - Watch more vides from the Eurolanche Invasion X: interview for FOX 21, interview at Pepsi Center, greetings from Scott Parker and more.
Eurolanche's book is sold out
22.05.2018 22:00 - The book was sold out in early April.
Eurolanche Meeting 11 in Czech Republic
21.05.2018 17:00 - Eurolanche organized its first-ever playoff watch party.
Follow Eurolanche on Instagram and win prizes
15.05.2018 16:00 - Eurolanche is on Instagram with regularly updated coverage.
Zalesak: My notes are top secret
11.05.2018 19:00 - The Avs' pro scout for Europe is currently hard at work at this year’s World Championship in Denmark.
Eurolanche Invasion X: The Movie
09.05.2018 21:00 - For the first time ever, the Eurolanche Fan Club will publish a long, 10-minute video recap of the recent Eurolanche Invasion X.
Francouz chose the Avs over Nashville
03.05.2018 17:00 - The Czech goalie will have his first shot at making it to the NHL.
Uwe Krupp to coach in Prague
27.04.2018 22:00 - The 1996 Stanley Cup Champion will continue his coaching career in the Czech Republic.
NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."