Eurolanche News

Eurolanche novinky’s new editor-in-chief
16.08.2017 17:00 - Eurolanche’s main website has a new editor-in-chief.
Yeti Ultras group founded
15.08.2017 23:00 - Eurolanche has created a premium group for its most active members with special benefits.
Eurolanche celebrates its 10th birthday
12.08.2017 12:00 - The first European and biggest fan club of the Colorado Avalanche celebrates a big anniversary.
Sakic and others congratulate Eurolanche
10.08.2017 19:00 - Joe Sakic and other former and current Colorado Avalanche players congratulate Eurolanche via video on the occasion of the Fan Club’s 10th birthday.
Sakic a iní blahoželajú Eurolanche
10.08.2017 19:00 - Joe Sakic a ďalší bývalí a súčasní hráči Colorada Avalanche blahoželajú prostredníctvom videa k 10. narodeninám fanklubu Eurolanche.
VIDEO: 10 years of Eurolanche
10.08.2017 18:55 - Eurolanche celebrates its 10th anniversary. Take a look on a video of the best moments from the past ten years.
The Eurolanche book cover
10.08.2017 18:45 - During the Fan Club’s anniversary meeting, the public was presented with the cover of the upcoming book about Eurolanche.
One for all, all for Eurolanche
10.08.2017 18:30 - The speech of Eurolanche Founder and President David Puchovsky on the occasion of Eurolanche’s 10th anniversary. The text will be part of the upcoming book.
10 years
10.08.2017 18:30 - A commentary on the occasion of Eurolanche’s 10th anniversary.
Thank you
10.08.2017 18:25 - An acknowledgement by Eurolanche President David Puchovsky to the people, who contributed to the Fan Club having the chance to celebrate its 10th birthday.
NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."