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Member story: Matej from Czechia

Member story: Matej from CzechiaIn its 10th season, Eurolanche introduces its members thru the regular weekly series "Member stories".

Matej Klucho was born on October 22, 1989 in Liberec, where he still lives. Matej was interested in sports since his childhood and he wanted to be an ice hockey player, nevertheless a series of events brought him to a similar sport – floorball. He is now in the last year of finishing his engineering degree at the Technical University in Liberec. 

He became a ‘diehard’ fan during the 2000/01 season. Unlike the majority of Avs fans, his initial desire to support his team was not because of Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg or Patrick Roy, but because of star defenseman Ray Bourque. His story literally enthralled Matej and the then-pupil attending elementary school started to follow Colorado’s results, wishing the team as much success as possible 

Once upon a time, a happy ending occurs in sports and luckily for Matej, it happened for the Avalanche and Bourque during the same season, resulting in a new passion of his. More and more players in Avalanche jerseys started to appear in albums with hockey cards and he simply could not play with a different team in the popular NHL computer game series ever since. His original fondness of a NHL team took a wholly different course. 

Besides nationwide sports monitoring, he himself played floorball. Since Matej was an excellent writer, he began to write articles for the Liberec floorball club website at a very early age. When the opportunity popped out in 2007, he did not hesitate to mix business with pleasure and joined the Eurolanche Fan Club. 

As time went by, Matej became a very important part of Eurolanche and had travelled three times straight to Denver as part of the Eurolanche Invasion project to watch his idols live. “I consider the Invasions to the Mile High City one of the most beautiful memories of my life and always love to think of them. 

Not only did he establish himself as an important member of Eurolanche, he also did so in floorball as well. From an ordinary member and player, he became an important part of FBC Liberec, coaching in several different categories until eventually becoming a youth team head coach. In addition, he still actively plays for this team. Even more fascinating is a fact that he has more than 100 starts in the top-tier Czech floorball league, which is a pretty solid number considering the seasons consist of 22 games. 

Due to the increasing amount of duties and the challenges of finishing his engineering degree, Matěj was forced to pass his position within Eurolanche to “younger” colleagues, but he still follows his favorite team and hopes for more magical moments similar to those that happened during the 2000/01 season., Worldwide,
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