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Adrian Dater praises Eurolanche

Adrian Dater praises EurolancheFamous US reporter has praised Eurolanche on the occasion of its 10th anniversary.

Adrian Dater covered the Colorado Avalanche as a beatwriter for 20 years for The Denver Post. Now, he is serving for the website. Dater wrote the following foreword in the book about Eurolanche's 10 years of existence. The book was published in November in a limited circulation of 300 copies - 150 in Slovak and 150 in English language. An English edition was translated and proofread by a professional translator.

There are less than 15 English copies left. A price for one copy is 11,99 euros. Since 2018, a price will increase to 19,99 € if any copies left at all. You can order your copy today at

Dater's foreword:

There are many great traditions that have developed in the Colorado Avalanche’s 23-year history. From the bellowing voice of public address announcer Alan Roach to the national anthems of singer Jake Schroeder, to two Stanley Cups and a whole bushel full of great star players, the Avs have a unique history that has made the city of Denver proud.

One other tradition sprang up about 10 years ago, though, and it is unique to the Avalanche. It is its fervent band of followers who make an annual trek to the city to wear the Avs’ color and bang the drum, literally and guratively, for their favorite team.

Every year, there is an “invasion” from the members of a group calling itself Eurolanche. You definitely know when Eurolanche is in town. ey bring a soccer-crowd, frenzied fan experience to the Pepsi Center, and on road games of the Avs too, that stands out in a good way.

These aren’t just Avs fans. They are Avs fanatics. I know, having met many of them, including the group’s founder, David Puchovsky. David might be the most dedicated Avs fan I’ve ever met, in fact.

His website,, has become a go-to repository for Avalanche news and information. It has become a communal ground for Avs fans from the other side of the Atlantic to share their passion for the team.

The Avalanche organization itself has embraced the Eurolanche community. Many Avs players have noticed, giving them their time for interviews and photo opportunities. Even in the team’s worst times, there has been one thing Avs players and management could count on: Unwavering support from the people of Eurolanche.

I think you will find the following book interesting. The story itself of how David conceived the community is unique and fun to read, and there are many good tales of their interactions with fellow Avs fans from all over the world.

May the Eurolanche community live on forever as a valued part of the Avs’ identity.

Adrian Dater Oct. 12, 2017 

There are less than 15 English copies left. A price for one copy is 11,99 euros. Since 2018, a price will increase to 19,99 € if any copies left at all. You can order your copy today at, Worldwide,
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NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."