Eurolanche News’s new editor-in-chief
16.08.2017 17:00 - Eurolanche’s main website has a new editor-in-chief.
Yeti Ultras group founded
15.08.2017 23:00 - Eurolanche has created a premium group for its most active members with special benefits.
The summary of Eurolanche’s 10th season
01.08.2017 20:00 - A look back at the season, during which Eurolanche celebrated its 10th anniversary.
August will belong to Eurolanche
01.08.2017 16:00 - The Fan Club will celebrate its 10th birthday in August.
Meet & Greet with Eurolanche
11.01.2017 23:00 - List of available dates and times for meetings with Eurolanche. You can also win a Colorado Avalanche jersey.
Pre-registration for Invasion X
12.12.2016 21:00 - Exactly one month before Invasion IX, the first Eurolanche members have a chance to pre-register for the Eurolanche Invasion X.
Eurolanche Invasion IX schedule
08.12.2016 18:00 - The trip to USA will be organized in one month. Its participants will once again have a unique schedule.
Anniversary meeting in August 2017
15.11.2016 21:00 - Eurolanche will organize its biggest member meeting to date in summer 2017. The event even has its own logo.
Eurolanche League: A new record
30.10.2016 19:00 - Never before did four betters earn 11 points for a single game.
Win the Colorado Avalanche Jersey
26.10.2016 15:00 - Eurolanche announced the first contest of this season. You can win the Avalanche Jersey.