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Where can you meet Eurolanche in the US?

Where can you meet Eurolanche in the US?A manual on how to meet Invasion X participants in the US.

As part of the Eurolanche Invasion X, five Eurolanche members from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Finland will venture to the US. Each year, American fans ask the participating Eurolanche members for a meeting. This year will be no different and Invasion X participants will be happy to meet new people and to see well-known faces as well.

Since the program of each Invasion is flexible and can change by the hour, it’s really difficult to agree on a specific time and place for a meeting in advance. You should first finish reading this article and in case you’d be interested in a meeting with Eurolanche, contact as at Options to meet Eurolanche will be published via Facebook and Twitter, but due to possible changes, or in order to get more information in advance, we recommend you contact us via the aforementioned email address.

Eurolanche members will be in Denver and in Colorado from the evening of February 24 until the evening of March 4 and from the morning of March 10 until around noon on March 11, when they’ll be flying back to Europe. Between March 5 and March 9, the group will spend the first two days in Chicago, the next one in Indianapolis, the fourth day in Columbus and the fifth and final day of the trip in Cincinnati.

During the group’s stay in Colorado, the best options to meet with American fans will be prior to games, during games at the Pepsi Center, after games, during selected practices at the Family Sports Center and on other days in the evening hours.

In case you’re interested in joining the group for one-day trips to southern Colorado (Great Sand Dunes National Park), to Aspen for cross-country skiing/swimming in the Glenwood Hot Springs and a one-day trip to the Rocky Mountains and horseback riding, please contact us at as soon as possible., Worldwide,
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NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."