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Rumor of the year: Parise to Avs

Rumor of the year: Parise to AvsThere has been reported one of the greatest rumor of the season. The Avs should received rights on one of the top offensive player in the NHL.

Zach Parise will be definitely the best available free agent on the market from 1st July. It is not likely the New Jersey Devils would find money for his huge contract. Then there are spreading bigger and bigger rumors about his next team. Members of the official forum of the Avalanche wrote “guaranteed” and “reliable” rumors which we have to report to you.

1. New Jersey should traded rights on Parise to Dallas Stars, but he refused it and the deal was canceled.

2. Parise has agreed with the Avs. New Jersey traded his rights there and acquired Jean-Sebastien Giguere, Chuck Kobasew, 2nd round in draft 2012 and 1st round in the next year.

3. Avs should receive also rights on the goalie Johan Hedberg. Parise would join the Avs mainly because of his good friendships with Paul Stastny and Erik Johnson.

4. Parise should verbally agreed on 7 year deal for 49 mil with the Avs.

Do not forget that the receiving the rights does not have to mean anything. If Parise would decide to not sign with the Avs, our team would lose two players and two drafts for nothing. But it looks like Parise have already agreed on the deal and then the Avalanche avoided the possible fail.

This all is one big rumor. For now, it looks different than previous rumors, but we simple could not believe it and wait on the official reports. But we would like to hear your opinions. Do you like this rumor? Do you prefer it? Would you be happy, if it will be done? Write us your opinions under this article in the discussion!

David Puchovsky, Slovakia,
25/06/2012 - 13:00


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