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Anniversary meeting in August 2017

Anniversary meeting in August 2017Eurolanche will organize its biggest member meeting to date in summer 2017. The event even has its own logo.

The first European and the biggest Fan Club of the Colorado Avalanche unveils another project that is part of its 10th anniversary season. Eurolanche will organize an anniversary meeting for Fan Club members between August 10 and August 13, 2017 (from Thursday until Sunday) in the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. The meeting will take place during the time the Fan Club was officially founded (August 12, 2007) and will include various interesting activities. The meeting’s own logo further underlines the event’s importance.

“The anniversary meeting will be a celebration of a project that reached a level we would’ve never dreamed of. Eurolanche is a unique Fan Club not just in our region, but on the entire NHL fan market. We’re constantly evolving and improving. I’m confident that aside from celebrating our anniversary and meeting people, with whom we’ve been cooperating for many years, we’ll also think of new ideas and new ways to improve,” said Eurolanche founder and President David Puchovsky.

Further information on the location, accommodation, transport, costs and program will be published in the weeks following the conclusion of the Eurolanche Invasion IX. The anniversary meeting will also be attended by Eurolanche members from the US, who confirmed their participation this summer. Personal invitations will be given to a number of special guests in Denver during Invasion IX. If they choose to attend the event, their attendance won’t be confirmed in advance and will be a surprise.

The meeting will include a rich program, with a number of executive staff members being involved in it. The program will also include competitions for souvenirs and memorabilia, sports activities, trips to the surrounding area and other activities connected with the Colorado Avalanche and the Eurolanche fan club.

The approximate sign-up deadline for Eurolanche members is currently March 2017. The Fan Club members, who included their email address upon signing up will be informed about the organization of the anniversary meeting in regular intervals during the months preceding the event.

New features and events for the 2016/17 season: 

  • The anniversary logo
  • The website 
  • Eurolanche Invasion IX
  • Weekend member meetings in Europe with current and former Avalanche players
  • A big anniversary meeting in August 2017
  • Articles about Eurolanche members
  • Revisiting Eurolanche‘s history
  • The Eurolanche League
  • Player ratings after each game
  • A book about Eurolanche (late 2017)
  • More contests for Avalanche merchandise, Worldwide,
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NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."