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Merry Christmas!
24.12.2017 10:00 - Merry Christmas to all Avalanche fans in the world.
Adrian Dater praises Eurolanche
13.12.2017 15:30 - Famous US reporter has praised Eurolanche on the occasion of its 10th anniversary.
Eurolanche's most successful week
17.11.2017 12:10 - The biggest fan club of the Colorado Avalanche had a historical week in Sweden.
Eurolanche enters its 11th season
27.10.2017 14:00 - A preview of Eurolanche’s 2017-18 season.
Eurolanche book available for presale
13.10.2017 16:00 - The more than 200-page long book provides a unique look on how the Eurolanche Fan Club works, as well as previously unpublished stories about the Avalanche.
8th year of Eurolanche League starts
05.10.2017 08:00 - The first Fan Club of Colorado Avalanche starts the Eurolanche League for a 8th time in the history.
Eurolanche to organize tenth Invasion
22.09.2017 16:00 - Members of the European Fan Club of the Colorado Avalanche will visit Denver for the tenth time.
Eurolanche’s Anniversary Meeting
18.08.2017 21:30 - The Eurolanche Fan Club organized its biggest member meeting ever on the occasion of its 10th birthday.’s new editor-in-chief
16.08.2017 17:00 - Eurolanche’s main website has a new editor-in-chief.
Yeti Ultras group founded
15.08.2017 23:00 - Eurolanche has created a premium group for its most active members with special benefits.
NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."