Eurolanche League

Eurolanche League

Eurolanche League is a competition between the members of Eurolanche fan club. The purpose is to find members who are able to predict results of the Colorado Avalanche during the season as good as they can. The first three members will win the authentic Colorado Avalanche souvenirs at the end of the season.

The basic rule for every game (incl. playoffs) is to make a prediction - the winning team of every single game (2 points for the correct prediction), the name of the author of the game winning goal (4 points) and the final score of the game (5 points - add OT for overtime or SO for shootouts).

Games are updated after five at this site. Members have a chance to send all their tips at one time or use the classic system game-by-game. It is not obligated fill in all fields except the full name (not nickname) and your e-mail.

Eurolanche reserves the right to exclude from Eurolanche League anyone who does not cooperate with us, who deteriorates our goodwill or who does not follow Eurolanche policy.

If you have any question about the Eurolanche League, contact us at