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Jake Schroeder’s 1,000th game

Jake Schroeder’s 1,000th gameSinger and long-time Eurolanche friend Jake Schroeder reached an amazing milestone.

Eurolanchethe World's Biggest Avs Fan Club Founded in Europe since 2007, congratulates Jake Schroeder to his 1,000th performance prior to a Colorado Avalanche game, a truly amazing and unique milestone. Jake is the incredible voice of the American (and occasionally Canadian) anthem before each Avs home game. Throughout the years serving as the Avs’ anthem singer, Jake also became a supporter and dear friend of Eurolanche.

“We’d like to congratulate Jake Schroeder to a fantastic milestone. Jake is an integral part of the Colorado Avalanche. We’re truly grateful for his long-year friendship and his support of Eurolanche members. We’ll never forget our trip to Normandy, which Jake arranged for us. We’d like to wish him all the best. Here’s to another thousand games,” said Eurolanche founder and president David Puchovsky.

In addition to his singing, Jake has been actively involved in the support of American World War II veterans and other charity projects aimed at socially vulnerable families. As part of The Overlord Project and D-Day Leadership Academy programs, Jake organizes trips to Normandy, with Eurolanche taking part in one of these trips.

To express our most sincere congratulations, respect and our gratitude, Eurolanche has prepared a special video compilation and a photo throwback to our meetings with Jake.

Video compilation
Jake in Slovakia
Eurolanche Interview
Photo gallery
First meeting with Jake in Denver, Eurolanche Invasion IV, 2011.
First meeting with Jake in Denver, Eurolanche Invasion IV, 2011.
First meeting with Jake in Denver, Eurolanche Invasion IV, 2011.
Members of the Eurolanche Invasion V made it to the lounge thanks to Jake, 2013.
Eurolanche Invasion VII, 2015.
Eurolanche Invasion VII, 2015.
Jake and his daugther with Eurolanche members in Austria, 2016.
Members of the Eurolanche Invasion IX with Jake in the Denver Police Activities League HQ, 2017.
Members of the Eurolanche Invasion X made a tour at the Denver Police HQ thanks to Jake, 2018.
Jake and David Puchovsky in Normandy, 2018.
Eurolanche Invasion XI, 2019.
Eurolanche in Normandy, 2019.
Jake on a visit in Slovakia, 2019.
Jake and David Puchovsky at the 2020 Stadium Series, Eurolanche Invasion XII.
Jake showed the Eurolanche members his 2001 Stanley Cup ring, Eurolanche Invasion XII, 2020.
Eurolanche Invasion XII, 2020.
Eurolanche's photos of Jake, 2011-2020:
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NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."