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Eurolanche raised more than 2,000 EUR for UA

Eurolanche raised more than 2,000 EUR for UAThe Fan Club also appeals to the NHL and each NHL team to openly support Ukraine.

David Púchovský, president and founder of Eurolanche, was at the Slovak-Ukrainian border the very first night hundreds of thousands of people began to flee their homes. The sheer desperation of these refugees convinced him to inform the public about the ways they can help Ukrainians via Eurolanche right away. This included the publishing of official bank accounts or the opportunity to send supplies or financial aid to buy medicine and medical supplies.

Members, followers and friends of Eurolanche managed to raise more than 2,000 EUR in just a few days. The total sum will be published at a later date, since more donations keep coming with each day. Avs insider Adrian Dater had a big impact on the increase of donations, as he shared the information on Eurolanche’s fundraising effort with a broader audience.

The majority of the funds were raised by Colorado Avalanche fans from the US.


The regional Fox 21 channel from Colorado also reported on this fundraising effort. Parts of the raised funds were donated by people who aren’t members of Eurolanche, but know David Púchovský.

As of today, the first half of the total sum was spent on medicine and medical supplies, which were already sent to Ukraine. Eurolanche opted for this approach based on information provided by NGOs, according to which refugees from Ukraine have sufficient donations from the public and the biggest help is needed directly in Ukraine. The list of purchased medicine and medical supplies is provided at the bottom.


"More than half of Eurolanche members are from Central Europe, the countries of which are in the immediate vicinity of Ukraine and are thus directly endangered by the Russian Federation. War is at our doorsteps. On one hand, we welcome the official statement of the NHL and the subsequent measures the league took. On the other hand, we ask for a bigger expression of solidarity and the punishment of those who continue to openly endorse and support the regime of Vladimir Putin.

We appreciate the position taken by a handful of teams, which chose to highlight the events currently taking place in Ukraine prior to their games. However, the majority of teams chose not to take action and continue to act like world peace wasn’t in danger. They chose not to act and remain silent even though there are people of Ukrainian heritage active in their organizations.

We are asking for anyone supporting the regime of Vladimir Putin openly and knowingly to be banned from the NHL. The continued presence of these individuals in the NHL is an insult to the memory of thousands of innocent victims, including children murdered on a daily basis.”



Grzegorz, Adrian, Kenneth, Elizabeth, Stephen, Sarah, Michael, Erik, Nathan, Edward, Ryan, Jason, Marc, Katie, Hannes, Trevor, Agnes, Connor, Daniel, Murray, Suzanne, Petra, Katarína, František, David.


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NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."