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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH LANDESKOGEurolanche fan club made an exclusive interview with the Colorado Avalanche captain.

Gabriel Landeskog has become the youngest captain in the NHL ever, when he was named to this position on 4th September. He played only one season in the NHL, but has already showed his personality. He appeared in all 82 regular season games for the Colorado Avalanche. He was in the top three ranking in all major rookie stats. He was a pure leader on and off the ice. Gabriel did not hesitate to defense his teammates, hit hard, score goals or add assists. All fans have had the chance to meet with his true professionalism outside the rink too. We can say the captaincy has found him itself. It was no surprise. Landy was the first European captain of his junior team in the past.

Eurolanche fan club called with Landeskog and received exclusive answers as the first media website. Gabriel plays in Sweden during the lockout. He wears a jersey of Djurgarden, the team based in the capital city of Stockholm. He gained six points for four goals and two assists in four games.

How do you feel in Sweden?

Pretty good. It was obviously pretty long break after the World Championship, when I played my last game. I am trying to be better each game. I know it is cliché, but I try to help to team win. I am looking forward to help the Avs when the game is on.

Can you compare the Swedish 2-tier league with the NHL?

It is tough for me. The Avs are the NHL organization. Everything is run precisely. When you compare hockey leagues and players, there are many differences of course. Every team and every system is different. I was not expecting anything much. Djurgarden is my Swedish team now and I have a lot of fun.

What are differences between Denver and Stockholm?

I have been in Denver for one year, but I am still feeling like I have been there for my life. I was born and raised in Stockholm. It is the place where I grew up. It is beautiful city, especially in the summer. Obviously the weather is different in Denver; more sunshine and stuff like that. It really does not matter, since I spend most of days inside the hockey rink.

What does your typical day look like?

It is not too big difference from back in Denver. Wake up in the decent time in the morning and go the rink at 10, 11. Workout and skate for couple of hours. Come back to home, have a nap maybe. Go for the dinner, hangout with some buddies. It is pretty much the same every day. When I am at home I try to spend time with my family as much possible is.

Can you comment the financial details of your contract in Sweden?

Without going to the details I obviously do not play in this team for the money. It was my intention to play somewhere else. I play here because I feel comfortable. I know a lot of players and a lot of people around the city. It is my team in Sweden. I have a lot of fun. I try to enjoy it. 

Your contract is valid for the lockout period and you will be come back to the NHL anytime the lockout ends?

Correct, yes, absolutely.

When you flew to Sweden, were you joined by Matt Duchene in the plane? (Duchene signed with other Swedish team and traveled overseas on the same day as Landy)

Yes, we were on the same plane. We split at the airport and we wish each other good luck.

What are your favorite teammates of the Djurgarden?

Erik Gustafsson played with me in Djurgarden when I was child. It is a big reason why I came to Djurgarden. We have a lot of fun playing with each other. Here are a lot of great guys who have done pretty well last couple of weeks. Some of the older guys, Fredrik Bremberg and Jimmie Olvestad are good hockey players and guys as well.

You played at the center position last week.

Yeah, a teammate got injured so I played in the middle. It was interesting. It was different, I enjoyed it.

Are you in the contact with some Avalanche teammates?

Not too much. I talk to some guys on Twitter; with Paul Stastny and Erik Johnson. We went workout together 2-3 weeks before I go to Djurgarden.

What do you think about the lockout?

Without going to the details too much, I think it is obviously unfortunate. I think it is good start with the last proposal. Good starting point. We can negotiate from there. A lot of players have faith in Don and the NHLPA. We know that NHLPA and especially Don know what are they doing and talking about. Right now it is to be patient. We all want to play again.

What is the goal for the Colorado Avalanche for the next season?

We want to play in the playoffs. We have good enough team. We have three lines which can score what is very important for us. We know how much close we were last year. That’s the feeling which will motivate us.

With which Avalanche teammates would you like to play in the same line?

Tough question. There is a lot of good player on my team.

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Source of the photos: Djurgarden´s official website, Sarah Carlsson, Daniel Pettersson

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