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Duchene for Eurolanche: I am ready!

Duchene for Eurolanche: I am ready!Eurolanche fan club made another exclusive interview with the Colorado Avalanche player.

Matt Duchene is one of three players of the Colorado Avalanche, who plays in Europe during the lockout. The Avalanche center wears a jersey of the team Frölunda, the member of the elite Swedish league. He has appeared in 6 games yet and got 5 points for one goal and 4 assists.

Duchene was drafted by the Avalanche organization of the 3rd place overall at 2009 entry draft. He gained 55 points in his rookie season and became the finalist for the Calder Trophy for the best rookie of the year. He had improved in the following season with 67 points. Unfortunately, the injuries had serious impact on his play in the last season. He appeared only in 58 games and got 28 points.

Did you get the offers from other European teams? Why did you choose Frolunda?

I had an offer in the Swiss league, but the timing wasn't right for me and I had my eye on Sweden from the start. Frolunda was the next team that offered me and I knew Göteborg was a great city and knew Frolunda was a 1st class organization, so I agreed to sign with them.

How do you like your time there? What are your new favorite teammates?

I've been enjoying it all, the team is very talented and the guys are all very nice and welcoming. The city is very nice as well.

Can you compare the elite Swedish league with the NHL?

The style of play and ice size are different, but the competitiveness and talent are very similar which is obviously great.

What does your typical day look like?

Get up, go to the rink, workout, skate, then head home. My girlfriend and I usually go somewhere to sight-see or shop, then we grab dinner before heading home.

Do not you have problem with the communication as you do not speak Swedish, as for example Landeskog does?

Everyone here pretty much speaks English so it's not bad

You had very hard last season in the NHL. How did you prepare in the summer? What kind of practices would you advise to younger players?

I trained with the best player in the world this summer, Sidney Crosby, which obviously makes you better by just watching what he's doing and trying to compete with him. I also took care of and healed all my injuries from last season, so I'm ready for a good one when it finally starts

Can you comment on the latest talks between NHL and NHLPA? What is your personal opinion?

I think it's terrible that we can't come to an agreement and I hope it's over soon.

If the lockout will last all the season, would you stay in Sweden for the whole year?

I would like to yes. Frolunda is my team until the NHL starts again

What are you missing the most in a foreign country?

I have a very specific diet, which I worked on and stuck to with a lot of discipline this past summer and it´s very hard to stay with it here, because the food is so different and you don't have as much sugar free, gluten free and organic options over here like you do back home. Grocery shopping is very hard too because all the labels are in Swedish. It's very frustrating.

What is your goal to the new season? (if lockout ends)

To play to the best of my ability, so I can help our team to make the playoffs.

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David Puchovsky, Slovakia,
29/10/2012 - 22:00


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