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Eurolanche interviewed Semyon Varlamov

Eurolanche interviewed Semyon VarlamovThe first European fan club of the Colorado Avalanche has met with the Avalanche goaltender.

Semyon Varlamov plays in the KHL for the team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl during the lockout. He has had great games yet. His team spent last days in the small town of Zlin, Czech Republic for the training camp. The European leagues were paused for few days due the various international tournaments. The national teams needed their players from Europe, so the leagues were stopped as usual in this part of the year. By the way, NHL is stopped only during the winter Olympics, not during the world championship or neither some small European tournament as was held last week.

Lokomotiv Yaroslavl visited Zlin for one big reason. The former player of Zlin, Karel Rachunek, spent there a part of his career. Later, he joined Lokomotiv and died one year ago in the fatal plane crash together with all of his teammates. The city of Zlin and the hockey team had decided to honor Karel´s memory and retired his jersey at the start of some exhibition game. Lokomotiv accepted this offer and came to the town for the whole week.

The game was played on Friday, what was exactly one year and two months after the tragedy. The short recap of the game is included at the bottom of this article. Varlamov did not play in the game. No injury, just a rest before real games in the KHL. Eurolanche met with Semyon after the game and did interview. If there will be lockout in the next weeks, we meet him once again in Bratislava. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl will face the local hockey team at the end of the November as a part of the KHL regular season.

How are you doing in Lokomotiv?

I am doing well. I am really enjoying playing for my hometown, because I was growing up in Lokomotiv since when I was 13 years old. I played there 7 years. Right now I am coming back to this team and really enjoyed the time.

You have had great games in the KHL yet. What is the reason?

When I step in the ice and play for Lokomotiv it is very important for me to play those games. Especially, right now in this season… I like the fans in Lokomotiv. I play for the fans and for the team!

When the lockout is ended, will you come back to Colorado?

Yeah, of course. When the lockout is done, I have to come back and play in Colorado.

Alexander Ovechkin said that not all NHL players have to come back to the NHL. What is your opinion?

I am not sure if we can stay in the KHL and play full season, because we have contracts. If you have contract in the NHL you have to come back,right when season starts.

Do you have some latest information on the CBA talks?

Not really. Just couple of good news. They met last three days and they were talking a lot. I think it is good thing for us. So let´s see what is going happen. Right now nobody knows what they talking about.

What will be the goal for the Avs for the upcoming season?

For the next season is very important for us to play in the playoffs.

Are you in the contact with the Avalanche teammates?

Not really. I think everybody is busy right now and doing something.

Eurolanche posted information that the Avalanche fans could ask Varlamov anything. Here are the answers.

What is your favorite food?

I like the Russian food. One of the best. Russians dumplings. We have some many good food.

Can you say us what kind of car do you have?

No, I cannot say that. I like BMW brand and Mercedes. It´s my favorite cars from Germany. Maybe I would like to buy Ferrari in the future, if I got some money, we will see (laugh).

What kind of music do you prefer?

I listen usually club music. Before the game, I really like to listen the Russians DJs. I think they are the best in the world.

Who was your hockey idol?

When I was younger my idol was Patrick Roy. I know it is funny he played for the same team. I watched a lot of videos of him, lot of games. Playoffs, super series against Detroit… He was my idol.

Recap: HC PSG Zlin – Lokomotiv Yaroslavl 1:4 (1:2, 0:2, 0:0)

The start of the game did not seem we were watching the exhibition. Speed, heavy shots, hard hits – everything was a part of the duel in the city of Zlin in old arena for 7000 fans. Zlin tried to honor Karel´s memory by scoring the first goal of the game and they did it. Ondrej Vesely scored the first one after mess in front of Vitalij Kolesnik – the former Avalanche goalie, who is now no. 1 goalie in the Lokomotiv (he shares that with Varlamov during the lockout). From this point of the game, the Zlin team slowed down and could not score more goals. They even were unsuccessful on the 5 on 3 men powerplay. Lokomotiv had started to show their KHL´s skills and add two goals in the first period.

They scored the third one at the start of the middle period and lead 3:1. Zlin wanted to stay in the game and had several chances. Fans just loved it and cheered not only to their team, but also to Lokomotiv. It was great game for the fans, who appreciated the present of the strong KHL franchise. The most active player of Zlin was Antonin Honejsek. He was many times in front of Kolesnik face-to-face, but could not score. Overall, Kolesnik was not much busy, but when the team needed himm, he showed great saves. Lokomotiv scored the fourth goal later in the second period. We did not see more goals; the Russian team won 4:1. Karel´s brothers Tomas and Ivan got approvals from their team HC Sparta Prague to take a part for Zlin in this exhibition game. Karel´s jersey was retired before the start with the present of his child on the ice.

Full photo gallery of the game is available here.

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David Puchovsky, Slovakia,
10/11/2012 - 14:00


NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."