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Interview: Will Butcher, 5th round pick

Interview: Will Butcher, 5th round pickExclusive interview with the recently drafted defenseman Will Butcher.

Colorado Avalanche chose Will Butcher in the 5th round of the 123rd place. He was born in 1995 in Sun Prairie, WI, USA. He had played under US National Development Program since 2011 and represented US National Team U17 and U18. He was one of five defensemen who were picked by the Avalanche at this year´s draft; Avs chose 7 players totally. Butcher is going to play in the prestigious NCAA at the University of Denver – the university is based in the same city as the Avalanche organization. Butcher will take a part in the Avs´ camp for the prospects and rookies that is scheduled for July 8th.

Is it nice coincidence to be picked by the NHL team that is based in the same city as your future team University of Denver?

Yea it was kind of a coincidence. I was secretly rooting for the Avalanche to draft me knowing I was going to be at Denver next year for College Hockey. So it is neat to be part of that organization where there in Denver right in my backyard. So I can go watch them play anytime or root from my TV catch all the games and everything.

Will you visit some Avalanche games in the next season?

Yes I think so.

Mainstream media covers mainly first or sometimes second rounds of the NHL Draft. Many fans do not know the stories of other picked players. Let´s start with your first steps as a hockey player. When you did start to play hockey?

I was first put on the Ice when I was 2 or 3 years old. My first experience did not go well I started crying and told my dad I wanted to leave. After that I just loved going to the rink all the time loved going to practice and hockey. I played for my Dad growing up all the way till I started playing Junior hockey. When I was growing up I played for the Madison Capitols organization a triple A hockey team out of Wisconsin. Then I got selected to play for the national team. This was a great opportunity for myself and I took pride playing for my country. Then after that I made the decision to go play at the University of Denver for next year so that is where I am at now.

When you were a kid and had a hard time playing hockey, did you want to try different sports?

Yes I was defiantly a multi-sport athlete when I was little. I played Soccer, Football, Baseball and golf. A whole bunch of sports, but as I got older I realized how much I loved the game of hockey. How much fun I had playing it realizing that it was my passion to play hockey.

What is your biggest success as a junior?

Success at junior was probably winning the gold medal at 17 my first year with the national team. So that would probably be my biggest success.

Why did you choose to play under USDP instead of going to the CHL? Can you, please, explain me main differences between these two organizations?

I chose to go to the national team because they had a better well-rounded education and help you graduate through high school. I was born as an American the chance to play for my country was the chance I wanted my whole life. So once that opportunity came I took advantage of it. Decided that is was going to be the best route for me to get all my schooling done while playing at the national team.

On which your skills are you proud and which you would like to improve most?

Right now I am really confident in my abilities to move the puck up the ice to be a puck moving defensemen. Run the power play, play tough in all situations be a kind of utility guy and play in any position or situation given to me. Be a big team player.

How did you enjoy draft night? Was not tough for you to wait for 4 full rounds?

I was a little tough more nerve racking then anything just waiting to hear your name called. I mean once I heard my name called I just forgot about all of that and was just happy to get drafted. I was fortunate to get drafted by a great organization.

What did you do during the first 4 rounds of the draft yesterday? Just sitting and waiting with your family from the very start of the event? Or did you do something else?

I sat in the stands most of the time. I went up a couple times to get something to drink a bottle of water came back and sat. Saw some of my friends go and stuff like that. Just enjoyed being there.

Did you worry about you would not be picked by any NHL team?

A little bit yea, I think I was more nervous of what team or where I would go. More then not getting selected I felt confident I would get drafted. Depending on where it was going to be and what kind of team.

What did you do after draft?

After the draft I went back to the hotel with my family and we celebrated there. Just hung out and that was really about it.

Did you talk to other guys who were picked by the Avs?

I did not get a chance to do that. I didn’t get a chance to talk to the other draftees.

What is your schedule for the summer?

For the summer it will probably be workouts, hanging out with the family before I go off to school in the fall. I will be attending the camp they have for the rookies after the draft on July 8th.

Your favorite NHL team and NHL player as a kid?

That is a good one. When I was really little I guess the Dallas Stars because they had Mike Modano. I was a huge fan of his growing up.

Author of the transcript: Adam Starks, Canada

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