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Exclusive: Details of new Dater´s book

Exclusive: Details of new Dater´s bookEurolanche Fan Club interviewed Adrian Dater about the upcoming book on the Colorado Avalanche.

There hasn´t been a lot of book stuff about the Colorado Avalanche hockey. I have three biggest and probably alone publications about the Avs in my collection: a book dedicated to the 2001 Stanley Cup championship, Dater´s Blood Feud about a rivarly against Detroit Red Wings and partly Patrick Roy´s biography. I don´t count yearly published media guides that have been always great source for all kind of information and I call them a bible of Avalanche fan.

The situation on the market will change soon. The Avalanche fans will have great opportunity to read something new after years. Denver Post´s sports writers Adrian Dater and Terry Frei are currently working on the book. Main topic? New era of the Avalanche hockey. Eurolanche did exclusive interview with Dater about their upcoming piece. You can bet there will be one big order of books to Europe for the Eurolanche members. You will be notified on time by email of course.

Whose idea was to write a new book about the Avs?

It was both of ours, and we have done business before with the publisher (Taylor Trade) that will do the book, and they liked the idea, so it was decided upon before the season even started.

Why did you decided to do it?

We had a feeling it would be a good story either way, with Patrick Roy's first year coaching the team, and I think it's turned out that we were right.

What topics it will include?

Mostly only the (current) season, but some background on the main players will be in it. It'll just be an inside look at the season and how it turned out.

Have you started work on that yet?

We've already started yes.

Do you know yet how many pages approximately it will have and which size format?

Hardcover, probably between 350-400 pages.

When it will be available for the fans?

This fall, probably September or October.

Do you believe the pre-title Save by Roy will be the official title of the book?

I think so, yes.

Have you idea how the cover will look like?

No, no idea yet, but I'm sure Roy will be the main guy featured.

David Puchovsky, Slovakia,
13/02/2014 - 08:00


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