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Small interview with Dennis Everberg

Small interview with Dennis EverbergDennis Everberg did small interview for and and Eurolanche brings translation.

Everberg said: „It was a pretty easy decision to sign for Colorado. As soon as I heard about their interest. I wanted to take this opportunity.“

"It feels incredibly fun and exciting. It's a long road ahead before I'll actually play in the NHL but I'm gonna give it all I've got. They have very good players and being given the chance to play with them inspires me. Patrick Roy was first of all a great goaltender and as a coach I'd imagine he is pretty tough and probably is pretty load when he needs to be.“

About his deal and chances in camp:He has signed a two-way deal with Colorado. The Avs are looking for what Dennis has to offer. He will be going over to training camp and compete for a spot like everyone else. Dennis will work out hard this summer to add a few more pounds (kilos) of muscles. If he leaves Sweden with good physical values he will take a spot. He wouldn't be going over unless he felt he had a chance of making the team“, says Everbergs agent Martin Nilsson.

Dennis Everberg


Everberg is being asked how he would feel about playing in the AHL: „I haven't thought about it. I'm pretty prepared to go the long road if I need to. The goal is obviously to make in the NHL. But there wont be a problem if they want me to take a year in the AHL and be called up a few times“.

About Landeskog: „He has lived there for a long time now and is incredibly experienced for his age. I don't know him personally. But he is captain over there and if you are that young, you are something special.“

About Forsberg: „Of course I watched Forsberg a lot when I was a kid. It's a cool team. It has always been somewhat of a dream to play there. Colorado is a classic team and even though it isn't a original six team it's one of the most classic ones.“

Our friend from Sweden Robin Fredriksson translated interview for Eurolanche., Worldwide,
01/05/2014 - 12:00


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