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Interview with Borna Rendulic

Interview with Borna RendulicThe Eurolanche Fan Club talked with the NHL rookie in the Colorado Avalanche jersey.

Borna Rendulic played his first professional ice hockey game in the Croatian league when he was just 15. His next steps followed a game of hockey in Slovenia and Austria. In spite of the fact that all three countries are quite exotic for any hockey player, Borna made his way to the Finnish league. Thanks to his solid performance, he got his first NHL two-way contract during the past summer from the Colorado Avalanche. He played in his first NHL game on December 9 against the Nashville Predators and he has become the first born and trained Croatian player in the NHL. He also played in the next two games, but was held without a point. His first shot in the top league hit the post.

Can you describe us the day when you were called up a little bit?

I was really surprised and happy at the same time. I was with the Lake Erie Monsters and we stayed in Chicago on Monday, then took a bus to Grand Rapids at 6 in the morning on the next day. At 12 PM, we arrived in Grand Rapids and the coach told me: „Congrats, you got called up. You have a flight in one hour“. You can‘t really think much. You grab your bags and go catch the flight.

When did coach Roy tell you that you would be in the line-up?

I came to Pepsi Center an hour before the game. I entered the locker room and we had a meeting. After that Patrick said „Hi“ to all the guys and then Tim Army, the asistant coach, told me with who I would play and a little bit about system what we would use for that night. After that coach Roy said „Hi“ to me and told me „Let‘s have a good game tonight“. That was about it. Everything happend so fast.

Do you remember your first shift? Did you realize you have become the first born and trained Croatian player in the NHL when you jumped on the ice?

I didn‘t really think about that. Just wanted to play a good game, but I was excited to go there and show what I’ve got.

Which player did you enjoy playing with the most?

I mean this is the NHL and it doesn‘t matter with whom you're playing. They are all good players! You just have got to think about your game and play better and better shift by shift.

Did the coaches tell you something about your first game in the NHL and your performance after the game?

I think they were all positive about my performance. They didn‘t really say much. A lot of the guys told me „Good job“. On the bench, they told me some good stuff and some stuff I have to do better. That‘s all.

Did you take any souvenirs after the game? 

I didn’t.

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David Puchovsky, Slovakia,
15/12/2014 - 13:00


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