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Eurolanche on NBC Sports

Eurolanche on NBC SportsThe European Fan Club of the Colorado Avalanche appeared on NBC Sports during Colorado’s outdoor game.

Eurolanche’s social networks nearly exploded during the recent outdoor game between the Colorado Avalanche and the Detroit Red Wings. The reason? The group of the most dedicated European Avalanche fans made a live appearance on NBC Sports - one of the most famous North American sports channels. Jeremy Roenick, former NHL player and member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, who currently works for the network, did an interview with Eurolanche president David Puchovsky during the second period.



“I still can’t find the right words. This is, without doubt, Eurolanche’s most memorable media appearance in its history. Yes, the famed magazine The Hockey News published a one-page report about us, as did, not only in English, but in five different languages, but being on national TV during one of the biggest games of the year is a tremendous honor. It’s almost unbelievable, ” said Puchovsky.


Roenick asked about the Fan Club’s history and its membership base. The NBC crew recorded all 12 members of the Eurolanche Invasion VIII trip with their respective national flags of Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and Switzerland.



“Everything went really fast, but during those few moments, I noticed the high level of professionalism of Jeremy and the entire NBC crew. I was amazed. I would like to thank them for such a unique opportunity to present our work on their broadcast during a highly broadcasted game. This once again proofs that Eurolanche is truly one of a kind. I am grateful to all our active members, who support Eurolance on a voluntary basis. This is our moment, our satisfaction. We want this to serve as proof of our commitment and dedication.”



The interview was recorded during the ongoing Eurolanche Invasion VIII - the eighth trip of the Fan Club’s members to Denver to attend Avalanche game. This year, a record number of 12 members from 5 different countries ventured overseas. Daily-updated coverage from the said trip, including photo and video galleries, is available at, and


The Eurolanche Fan Club appeared in various media in the past. The list includes TV reports on NBC Sports, Altitude TV, FOX 31 and Slovak sports channels. Other media appearances include articles and reports in The Hockey News,, Denver Post and various other North American/European national and regional newspapers, magazines and websites. The full list of media appearances is available HERE.

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28/02/2016 - 21:30


NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."