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Interview with Adrian Dater

Interview with Adrian DaterEurolanche interviewed Adrian Dater on the current situation in the Colorado Avalanche organization. The questions were sent to Adrian last week.

Patrick Roy said after the Blues game „I love this team, this is a really special group, they gave me a great effort tonight“. Why do you think he said especially after one of those games that had nothing with an effort?

It's a good question. The next day, though, he started to really dump on his players. I think he realized overnight he sounded ridiculous saying that, and moved to rectify it.

What is the overall atmosphere in the Avalanche organization in these days when it is almost for sure they are not going to make the playoffs?

It's a defeatist attitude, full of excuses and woe-is-me and all kinds of sad loser stuff.

You tweeted that Joe Sakic is not unhappy with Roy. Then who is not going his job good? Who is responsible for the failure?

The management blames the "core" players, guys like Duchene and Varlamov and Landeskog.

You also tweeted you expect „changes“ in the line up in the offseason. Do you think it may include trades of core players? If yes, can you name them or can you name those players who will not be traded for sure?

I think there's a 50-50 chance Duchene is traded for a good defenseman. Also wouldn't be shocked if Varlamov is traded.

What do you think should happen in the offseason for improvement of the next season? Do you think the Avs can make the playoffs next year?

They need to blow things up again, in my opinion. These core guys have proven they can't win, so ship them out and start over again.

David Puchovsky, Slovakia,
11/04/2016 - 10:30


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