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Interview with Adam Werner

Interview with Adam WernerEurolanche Fan Club talked with the newest goalie of the Avalanche organization.

Adam Werner was picked by the Colorado Avalanche of 131st place in the 5th round of the 2016 NHL Entry Draft. 19-year old goalie comes from Sweden, where he has spent his entire career so far. Major part of his junior career has been developed in the organization of Färjestad BK. He debuted in the elite Swedish league for this team in 2014/2015 in one-game brief appearance that has been his sole elite-league experience so far.

Past two seasons, Werner gained experience in the elite junior league posting the following numbers: 2.49 and .916 in 30 games. He was loaned to three other Swedish ice hockey teams in the lower leagues to gaining more experience at the senior level. He is supposed to continue in one of his loans for the IF Björklöven of the second-tier Swedish league as he is ranked like a third-goalie in his mother team of Färjestad BK (recently signed one-year contract).

Adam’s height (196 cm /6'5") and weight 90 kg/198 lbs) makes him the biggest goalie in the Avalanche organization. Recently, he visited one-week development camp in Denver. Finally, he is supposed to make a debut at the next World Juniors Championship for Team Sweden.

You came back from the Avalanche development camp few days ago. Can you say what new did you learn there?

I learnt so much every day – on the ice, how to eat, sleep. It is very important for a hockey player. I have learnt so many new things. It was pretty hard camp, but we had also a fun. It is not always about a hockey on the ice.

What is your best memorable moment of whole camp?

Every day was special for me. Every day we had a practice and every minute I was there was a special for me. So I would say everything.

How it was to cooperate with former NHL players including Adam Foote? Did you meet Patrick Roy or Joe Sakic?

I talked with Adam. He is a great guy. It was special for me to talk with him and other guys. I met also Joe Sakic at the dinner last day. We talked about the camp.

You are really big goalie. Do you think is it big advantage or is it sometime harder for moving in the net?

Both of it.  It is great to be big, but you need to be very strong and powerful in the net to move fast. It is hard sometimes, but mostly it is great to be big.

How do you remember on a draft day? Where you where and how did you find out?

I was at home with my family with and some friends. We watched TV and followed the draft. I saw my name come up. It was a special moment. I am happy for this chance to be the Avalanche guy.

What is your goal for the upcoming season?

Play as many as games I can at the pro level in Sweden and take next step in my career. Work hard every day and step forward – to be a better a goalie who will take step to the NHL in the future.

Will you want to start your North American career in the AHL in 2017/18 if you can't make it to the NHL directly?

It is hard question. You need to be great goalie here (in Sweden) and then you can go over to the AHL and take step by step. Not too fast.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

It is hard to say, but hopefully playing in the NHL for the Avalanche.

What do you consider your most successful moment of your career?

It was a big time to be drafted. It was a special moment in my career. As well as be at the development camp.

Did you have a favorite NHL team or player when you were a kid? 

I looked much at Henrik Lundqvist. He is a big goalie in Sweden. You follow him and Rangers. So him and Rangers little bit.

David Puchovsky, Slovakia,
20/07/2016 - 10:30


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