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Member story: Tomas from Slovakia

Member story: Tomas from SlovakiaIn its 10th season, Eurolanche introduces its members thru the regular weekly series "Member stories".

Tomas Vnuk has participated in two Eurolanche Invasions, during which he experienced a number unforgettable moments. He joined Eurolanche in 2012 in order to fulfill his dreams and to see the Colorado Avalanche play in front of him. It was during the Eurolanche Invasion VII, when he experienced an unconventional meeting with an even more unconventional end.

The history of this meeting dates back to 2013, when Tomas was on holiday in the USA attending a Blue Jackets game, during which he saw Slovak forward Marian Gaborik, playing for the Blue Jackets at the time, in action. “I took some pictures with him and he won the Stanley Cup a few months later. When I was with my friends, I often joked that he won thanks to me and that I had brought him luck,” said Tomas.

A year has passed and Tomas participated in his first Invasion – the Eurolanche Invasion VII. After the game between Colorado and the Chicago Blackhawks, Marian Hossa came to a group of fans and despite the fact that everyone wore Avalanche jersey, gave several autographs and took photos with us. After that, Tomas told him about his previous experience. “I told him that I took a picture with him during the season he won the Stanley Cup and that he’s going to win it again thanks to the photos with me. Marian laughed and said that if it really happens, he will find me,” said Tomas describing a moment from the 2014/15 season. And it actually happened. Hossa won the Stanley Cup that very season.

A few months later, Slovak newspapers published reports about this experience, which resulted in Tomas being contacted by Marian’s sister-in-law and receiving an invitation to celebrate his day with Stanley Cup with him. Tomas accepted the invitation and came with two other Eurolanche members. “We took pictures with the Stanley Cup and Marian in his garden. There were other fans, too. We were eventually invited into Marian’s house. While Marian was eating goulash in his kitchen, we took more pictures with the Cup. It was incredible. It just shows what a great person he is,” said Tomas.

Tomas lives in Žilina, in the northern part of Slovakia, where he works in a family business. He actively participates in events organized by the Eurolanche Fan Club. Tomas spent a year in Kentucky as a high school student in an American host family. He remained in contact with his "American parents" and they even attended his wedding in Slovakia., Worldwide,
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