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Duchene and Landeskog leave Sweden

Duchene and Landeskog leave SwedenThe recap of Duchene´s and Landeskog´s short experience in Sweden.

Gabriel Landeskog and Matt Duchene have become the next two players of the Colorado Avalanche, who signed „the lockout contracts“ at the start of this season. The first one is Semyon Varlamov. Duchene and Landeskog signed two-month contracts in Sweden and both of them have expired yet. Let´s look at their short performances in Sweden.

Duchene appeared in 19 games of the elite Swedish league playing for the Frolunda Indians. He scored four goals, added ten assists, 12 PIM and ten + points. His performance in Sweden could be ranked as the average. He was liked by the local fans, but this was the lone positive issue. Duchene was playing at the center position in the first two lines, but it had not helped him much. Not many NHL players are in Sweden, so he could benefit from that. Also, local media reported he criticized own teammates and that the mood in the locker room was not good.

Duchene has decided to not extend his contract in Sweden and signed a new one in Switzerland for one month with the second-to-last team of HC Ambri-Piotta. The not such good performance and conditions could be one of the reasons, why he left Sweden.

Landeskog signed the two-month as well, but in the second-tier Swedish league, because he wanted to live in the capital city Stockholm. He played in 17 games, scored six goals, got eight assists, added one minus point and 32 PIM. In spite of not very good stats, he was one of the leading hockey persons on the ice, very liked by the teammates, coaches and fans. He had even one fight in the game and smashed some item after the end of another game. He has later admitted he should be more patient, but this could be the one of the issues, which the Colorado Avalanche would miss. He had appeared on the international tournament Karlaja Cup for the team of Sweden, but did not play good as the whole team and suffered minor injury. He is ok now.

Landeskog has decided to leave Sweden due higher taxes. He spent more days in Sweden as usual this year and wanted to avoid paying the much to the state. He has come back to the USA and then re-joined his former junior team of the OHL, Kitchener Rangers. He practices there and even dropped the puck yesterday. He said he was more nervous than in the game. Landy has not denied he would continue in the playing somewhere in Europe, if the lockout will continue.

David Puchovsky, Slovakia,
10/12/2012 - 13:00


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