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Interview with Dennis Everberg

Interview with Dennis EverbergEurolanche brings you an exclusive interview with young Avalanche forward Dennis Everberg.

The Colorado Avalanche signed Dennis Everberg to a two-year entry level contract on April 30, 2014. The 22-year-old Swede played his entire career in Sweden, rising through the junior ranks of Rögle BK, until he made it to the senior team. Last season, the undrafted forward significantly improved his numbers, scoring 17 goals and putting up 17 assists for 34 points in 47 games in the second-tier Swedish hockey league. Everberg put up 11 points in 16 post-season outings. His size and skating were the main reason the Avalanche signed him and made him come over to North America to take part in their summer camps. Everberg made a good impression and is now in the mold to fill the final roster spot for the Avalanche’s season opener

How do you remember the day you signed your contract with the Colorado Avalanche?

Well, it was obviously a great feeling. You know, it’s something you’ve been working for a long time, it was a childhood dream come true. So yeah, it was obviously an exciting feeling.

Did you know about the team being interested in you before or was it a surprise?

I guess it was a surprise. When I heard about it… I don’t really know. I didn’t know it would end up with a contract being signed.

The current Avalanche lineup is really big and there’s big competition. Do you worry about the chance that you might only play in the AHL?

Not really. I came here saying to myself that I can play in the AHL, if they think that’s what’s best for me. It’s a good league and it would be good for my development. Of course I’d like to stay in the NHL, that’s what you want all the time, because it’s the biggest league in the world.

Would you go back to Sweden if you stayed in the AHL for the entirety of the next two seasons?

No, I don’t think so. This is where I want to play.

How did you spend the summer? Did you have some extra training sessions?

Yeah, I trained a lot. I even had a special trainer.

You’ve never been drafted. Was it a disappointment that no team chose to draft you?

No. I already stopped thinking about it after the later rounds. In the end, everything turned out pretty well.

You spent your entire career playing for Rögle BK. How will you remember the team?

I spent a lot of years there, so obviously I’ll have good memories from my time in Rögle, but I wanted to move on and here I am now.

 Everberg spent his entire career playing for Rögle BK (Photo source: 

What’s the biggest achievement of your career so far?

I think signing my first NHL contract. It’s the biggest thing, at least for me personally.

How did you like the three Avalanche camps that you took part in?

It was fun getting to know the whole organization. It’s been a fun ride all the way from rookie camp. It was hard work, but I work hard every day.

If you compare these camps with something similar in Sweden, is there a big difference?

Yeah, there’s a big difference. Here in the USA it’s about you being really good at a certain point. You’ve got to step up and do your thing, so it’s a big difference.

Did you experience any unforgettable moments during the camps?

No, I don’t think so, but it’s been a fun ride nonetheless.

You are the top candidate for the final spot in the opening-night roster. How do you feel?

Very excited. Nothing’s certain yet, but it’s getting closer. I need to work hard to make sure I’ll be the one taking the spot.

Did the coaches tell you what your best skill is and where you need to improve?

Not really. They signed me for a reason, to do my thing, which is skating, getting pucks deep and winning personal battles.

What and who were your childhood favorite NHL team and player?

I never really had a favorite team, but I always liked the Swedes in the NHL. I really liked Peter Forsberg during his time in Colorado. Detroit had a lot of Swedes on their roster, so I mostly cheered for Colorado and Detroit.

The interview was conducted by David Puchovský.

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