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Hejda to Eurolanche: Why we lose games

Hejda to Eurolanche: Why we lose gamesEurolanche Fan Club interviewed Czech player about the current situation in the team.

Why is this season worse than the past? There were no big changes on the roster.

I think something has changed. New players came here. We had a bad start to this season. The last one was very good. That is the reason why all people believed it would be the same this year. But we lost some games and it didn't work. Maybe we didn't play with our hearts and didn't work hard. We worked really hard last year. Our oponnents underrated us. This current season is a new experience for us. If you are loosing games, it has an influence on your psyche.

You won some straight games too this year. Why you started to win at that time?

Firstly, we need to win more and more games of coure. But it is also about being lucky. For example, take a look at January away game in Chicago. We scored two goals in the first two minutes and then we defended for 58 minutes. For us, a goalie is very important. Varlamov had some light injuries, it wasn't the same like one year ago. Pickard was awesome. We could win games with him in the net. I hope it will get better. It is mainly about your psyche.

What are Patrick Roy's reactions when you lost games?

He is one of the most intelligent coaches in the League and he tries to find different ways for the solution. Lossing games is a new situaiton for him too. It was simple last year as we won many games. Like he says, we had no fear. We had so many points that one lost game did mean nothing. It is different now. When we are leading by one goal, we fear it could end with a loss for us. Patrick tries to be a positive and negative; he is trying to be good and strict too. He has many experiences at the junior coach level, but it is a different with adult players. I think he could do something different at some situations.

What do you think about your future in this organization?

I don't know nothing. I am trying to do the best work what I can do. Unfortunately, it is not good with gaining points. Speaking about the played minutes, it is good. I didn't think I would get so confidence from the coaches. If there are no talks in February, I would ask my agent to start them.

Would you play in some different NHL team, if you didn't stay in Denver? 

It is opened to me. I would have no problem to play two more years. But if it didn't happen, it would be ok to me.

David Puchovsky, Slovakia,
23/02/2015 - 20:00


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