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Top Avalanche moments at WCH 2015

Top Avalanche moments at WCH picks top five moments of the World Championship in Czech Republic related to the Colorado Avalanche players.

1. MacKinnon's start

It was just second appearance on the national team for young forward. Nathan MacKinnon scored very first goal of the whole tournament in the first Canadians game against Latvia (6:1). He added two assists and made very solid impression as entire roster.

2. Duchene's 2x4

Matt Duchene exploded at the tournament. If he is playing with quality players, he has no problem with anything. We will remember mainly on two of his games - he collected four points in both of them. Firstly, he scored a penalty shot and added three assists against Germany (10:0) and scored two more goals and had two helpers against Austria (10:1).


3. Hejda's pass

Jan Hejda had his best game of the tournament against Team Austria (4:0). It has been always important to score very early goal against outsider. Hejda passed the puck to Martin Zatovic who had no problem to score breakaway goal. It was the second tally of the game.

4. Holos' two points

Norwegian defenseman regularly played over 25 minutes per game - as usual. He again became a leader of his national team. He was named the best player of Team Norway in a duel against Slovenia. He had an assist on the opening goal and scored the last one, make it 3:1.

5. Berra's game

Swiss goalie couldn't focus on the game against home-team of Czech Republic. He lost three past games and almost caused Team Switzerland's failure in the preliminary group. But he could come back and played his best. Czechs won only 2:1 in a drama. Berra was named the best Swiss player of the game. He did the same in the quarterfinals, but Team USA won 3:1., Worldwide,
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